"We Are Confident of Qatar's Ability to Tackle All Issues At Arab Summit,

Says Lebanese Ambassador

Doha, March 21

HE Lebanese Ambassador to Qatar Hassan Yusuf Saad has voiced his complete confidence of Qatar's ability to play a major role in tackling all issues of destiny facing the Arab nation in the wake of the Arab Spring.


Qatar will be able to tackle crucial issues such as the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian cause, the core issue of the Arabs, during the Arab Summit to be held in Doha by the end of this month.


In an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), on Thursday, HE Saad pointed out that the experiences of last Arab summits had not been encouraging, but in light of the current Arab drive, the Arab peoples are aspiring that the Arab leaders would be at the level of the high aspirations of their peoples and that the summit would come up with extraordinary outcomes.


Elaborating HE SAAD said," Lebanon has great confidence that the State of Qatar under the leadership of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, would be able to play a great role in tackling all issues of destiny noting meantime that Lebanon is always keen to participate by a ranking delegation under President Michael Sulaiman to give an additional impetus to the Doha Arab summit.


"Once we think of the conditions of the Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries, we find their number in millions" QNA quoted HE the Lebanese diplomat as saying .

HE Saad called upon the Arab and Muslim brethren to provide ample humanitarian support and consolidation to the large number of Syrian citizens fleeing the destruction and bomb shelling throughout Syria with the Arab League still unable to take any effective resolutions in this concern.

When asked about the status of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Lebanon's ability to meet their needs, HE Lebanese Ambassador to Qatar Hassan Yusuf Saad that since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, about one million people have entered Lebanon, that means that a quarter of Lebanon's population are non-Lebanese, and this poses a demographic, security, and economic danger to Lebanon.

HE Saad further said that quite a lot of these refugees are now using, for example, Lebanese schools for study and residence stay, so what is needed is to help Lebanon urgently and we look forward that Qatar would have a large role in this matter. In reply to another question on the Palestinian cause and how best to reactivate the stalled and moribund Middle East peace process, HE Lebanese Ambassador to Qatar stressed the need for urgent drive in this respect and said for the truth, the State of Qatar has taken a big drive in this respect and contacted the influential countries and access to effective formulas, but unfortunately because of the situation in the Arab world there is not enough follow-up to this important issue.

With respect to the Qatari-Lebanese relations, HE Saad was quoted by QNA as describing them as good and excellent and noted that the Lebanese government and people are appreciating the pioneering and leading role played by the State of Qatar and the several initiatives of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, for helping Lebanon under its difficult circumstances.


HE the Lebanese diplomat voiced hope for a special role to be played by Qatar in support of Lebanon and its sovereignty, especially in these difficult conditions, especially as it had received some fragments of the Syrian regime bomb shelling.


Concluding HE Saad said," We are confident that Qatar will do its utmost for the assistance of Lebanon and would stand by Lebanon and its legitimate authorities and institutions".
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